WE COLLABORATE WITH LEADING COMPANIES IN MULTIPLE MARKET SECTORS which gives usmeans we have wide experience in the industrial world at all levels and the ability to transfer the knowledge acquired from one sector to another.

This translates into a VERY POSITIVE SYNERGY THAT BENEFITS OUR CLIENTS, being very effective in solving problems and presenting new innovation and continuous improvement projects.



The marketing of food and beverages, whether of animal or vegetable origin, requires that the final product intended for consumption has adequate hygienic qualities to avoid both infections by microorganisms and chemical toxicity.

It is precisely in this context where having a partner specialized in biosafety, hygiene and lubrication such as CPQ guarantees the maximum hygienic quality of the product, extends the average life of the product and optimizes production, while complying with current legislation.

We work actively in providing integral solutions adapted to the needs of each client, accompanying them in all the steps of the production chain: primary activity – agriculture, livestock, fishing and hunting; processing of raw materials – slaughtering, butchering, handling, washing of vegetables – and preparation and packaging of ready-to-eat products –precooked products, pre-prepared food, animal feed, canned food, beverages, bakery and pastry products.

We have a complete range of DETERGENTS for any type of  cleaning, DISINFECTANTS based on effective combinations of active ingredients and high-performance LUBRICANTS for conveyor belts.

We also design and build our own brand equipment and installations for your specific needs, such as HYDRO-CLEANERS, NEBULIZERS, centralized DOSAGE systems and installations for CONVEYOR BELT LUBRICATION, among others.

Within a global management, it is inconceivable not to consider the service associated with food hygiene and lubrication, since this is the only way to ensure the quality of the processes. That’s why from our technical and laboratory area, we ADVISE on the choice of products, we prepare and implement, in close collaboration with the client, PROCEDURES and R&D PLANS, we monitor the processes through AUDITS, CHECK-LISTS and periodic ANALYTICAL CONTROLS and above all, we are quick acting in the event of any kind of problem.



In the metallurgical sector, where international competition is at its highest, efficient and cost-effective manufacturing is key.

Lubrication, cooling and detergency processes, as an essential part of the production process in mechanization, are crucial to ensure the achievement of these objectives in a sustainable, personnel-safe and environmentally friendly manner.

At CPQ we have been experts for more than 30 years in metal mechanization as well as in lubrication, cleaning and treatment of surfaces.

We are manufacturers of AQUEOUS CUTTING FLUIDS and CUTTING OILS  with formulations designed to adapt to the specific needs of each of our clients.

Our products for METAL WASHING AND PROTECTION guarantee thorough cleaning combined with high resistance to degradation, even under exceptionally aggressive conditions.

We also offer HYDRAULIC and GUIDE OILS and industrial LUBRICANTS.

We understand that good global fluid management is essential and, consequently, our activity is not limited to the supply of chemicals but we are specialized in the design, construction and implementation of facilities such as individual systems and CENTRAL FILTRATIONCENTRIFUGES and EVAPORATORS as well as auxiliary materials for such applications, among which we highlight our FILTERING SCREENS.



Water is the main and most important element for living beings. It participates in industry in many different ways, in most cases being essential for production systems.

Naturally, water often does not meet the requirements for consumption and/or industrial use due to multiple factors such as a high dissolved salt content, the presence of organic matter, suspended solids, microbiological contamination, etc.

In CPQ we are specialists in the treatment of water of any nature, adapting it to the application and needs of each particular situation, thanks to a specific design both at the level of CHEMICAL products and INSTALLATIONS.

  • Water processing.
  • Hot and cold industrial water (boilers, cooling systems, desalination plants, etc.).
  • Animal drinking water.
  • Purification for human consumption.
  • Prevention and control of Legionnaire’s disease.
  • Waste water.
  • Others.

To highlight, we are pioneers in the implementation of CHLORINE DIOXIDE in all its fields of application, and experts in its management based on our effective formula of PRODUCT + EQUIPMENT + SERVICE.



We have defined the CPQ mass consumption section to accommodate those sectors that require specialized assistance to cover the care and hygiene needs associated with the daily practice of their commercial activity. Through an extensive range of CHEMICAL PRODUCTS, HYGIENE ACCESSORIESAPPLICATION EQUIPMENT and ENGINEERING, as well as our ability to adapt our formulations and formats to particular needs, we are able to guarantee a high level of quality and economy with the minimum environmental impact that allows you to gain the trust of your clients and users.

  • Thanks to a wide range of cleaning/disinfection products and brush accessories, we achieve very effective and comprehensive professional cleaning in the hospitality sector, able to cover from the high demands of cleaning in restaurants and hotels (HORECA) to the very high standards of hygiene in hospitals, health centers or residences.
  • In textile laundering, we have innovative formulations, specialized dosing systems and engineering solutions to achieve perfect cleaning, hygiene, fabric preservation and sustainable laundering, both for professional use (gowns, sheets, towels, uniforms, tablecloths) and for domestic use.
  • We are consultants and partners in the management of personal hygiene, facilitating the implementation of good practices by both the staff and the client, through a complete range of products (hydroalcoholic, soaps, gels and creams) and accessories for cleaning and dermatological skin care.
  • CPQ provides care for commercial and private vehicles with solutions for the automotive industry that include both synthetic and mineral motor oils adapted to the engine specifications as well as products to keep the exterior and interior of the car in a perfect state of cleanliness.